The Colville Tribal Gaming Commission is a tribal regulatory agency established in accordance with the CCT Constitution and By-Laws.  The CBC has delegated oversight responsibility to the Commission for the regulation of all tribal gaming on Colville Indian Lands, including the protection of the public trust, tribal assets and the integrity of tribal gaming operations.   CTC Section 6-5.   The Commission is charged with ensuring compliance with a complex combination of applicable tribal, federal and state law and regulations (“Gaming Law”).  In order to protect the public trust, the Commission operates as an independent regulatory agency.

In August of 2002, CCT and the State of Washington (“State”) signed the Compact.  The Secretary of the Interior published notice of approval in the Federal Register on January 8, 2003 (68 FR 1068).  State inspection of CCT gaming facilities was completed and on July 27, 2004, CCT signed a letter of agreement which made the Compact effective.  The Compact was adopted pursuant to IGRA which governs how Class III gaming may be conducted on Colville Indian Lands.