About Us

The Colville Tribal Gaming Commission (“Commission” or "CTGC") was established by Chapter 6-5 of the Colville Tribal Law and Order Code. The Commission is responsible for regulating all gaming activities on Colville Indian lands, primarily those conducted by Colville Gaming LLC, in order to protect tribal sovereignty, tribal and casino assets, the integrity of all casino games, and the health and safety of casino employees and guests. The Commission is comprised of approximately 70 employees across seven distinct units, including the Commission itself, Administration, Tribal Gaming Agents, Surveillance, Electronic Gaming Systems, Internal Audit, and Licensing.   

Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) - October 1988

Colville Tribal Law and Order Code, Chapter 6-5 Gaming

CTGC Departmental Organization Chart

Our Commissioners

Mel Tonasket

Mel Tonasket, Chair

Mel Tonasket is a Colville Tribal member and has served as Gaming Commission Chairs since 2010.  Mel, a longtime member of the council from the Omak District on the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Indian Reservation, Washington is recognized for his contributions in leading the Colville Tribal Council’s fight against termination with Lucy Covington; a fight that continues to this day, for mobilizing national support for major tribal legislation passed in the 1970s during his reign as the President of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), being a trailblazer in healthcare policy and for receiving the “Heroes of Healthcare” award in 2002 from the Washington Health Foundation. This year the National Indian Gaming Association honored the former President of the NCAI with the 2019 Tim Wapato Sovereign Spirit Award.

As the 1st Vice President and President of NCAI, Mel was influential in the gathering of support nationwide for major tribal legislation, including the Indian Health Care Improvement Act and the Indian Child Welfare Act. He was a member of the American Indian Policy Review Commission for two years and represented United States tribal governments as the delegate at the World Council of Indigenous Peoples and at the Inter-American Indigenous Conference in Brasilia, Brazil.  In April 2017, Representative Joel Kretz recommended and the State House of Representatives passed House Resolution 4644 honoring longtime Colville tribal leader Mel Tonasket.

Jessica Pakootas, Vice Chair

Jessica Pakootas is a Colville Tribal member and has served as Gaming Commissioner since 2011.  Jessica is also the Camas Path Executive Director for the Kalispel Tribe of Indians. Jessica received her Juris Doctor and Indian Law Certificate from Arizona State University School of Law (2004). She received her Bachelor's of Arts in Business Administration from Fort Lewis College (1996). She is a delegate on behalf of the Kalispel Tribe of Indians for (1) Washington State University (WSU) Native American Advisory Board; and (2) WSU Native American Health and Science Advisory Board.  She is a member of the Kalispel Tribe-American Red Cross Disaster Action Team.  Jessica serves as a board member on the following Boards: Empire Health Foundation, Better Health Together- Accountable Community of Health and the American Indian Cancer Foundation. 

Wilfred "Deb" Louie, Member

Wilfred "Deb" Louie, a longtime member of the Colville Business Council from the Nespelem District on the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Indian Reservation, Washington is recognized for his hard work and efforts in protecting and serving our Tribal members through acts to protect our sovereignty, natural resources (our water, timber and wildlife), economic development and employment.  Throughout the many years Deb served on Tribal Council, he was best known for his honesty and integrity and his vote to protect our Tribal Sovereignty, hunting and fishing jurisdiction and land purchases, placing our fee land back in to trust.

Deb began serving on the Colville Business Council (CBC) in 1990 and continued to do so for approximately 18 years.  Prior to serving on CBC, Deb worked for the Colville Tribal Forestry for 20 years.  Deb has also served as both Chair and Vice-Chair of the Upper Columbia United Tribes (UCUT).  In 2009, Deb was appointed by CBC as a Colville Tribal Gaming Commissioner and is still working in this capacity to date.

Margo Hill, Member

Margo Hill is a Spokane Tribal member, Colville descendant and was raised on the Spokane Indian reservation. She earned a Juris Doctorate from University of Gonzaga School of Law and a Master of Urban and Regional Planning from Eastern Washington University. As the Spokane Tribal Attorney and Coeur d’Alene Tribal Court Judge she has worked in the legal field to protect tribal sovereignty, gaming, water rights and the land base of her tribe and other tribes.  Margo Hill is faculty at Eastern Washington University where she teaches Planning Law and Legislation, Community Development, Tribal Planning classes and American Indian Law.