Administrative Unit

The Administrative Unit consists of the Director, Deputy Director, support staff, and the administrative aspects of the Tribal Gaming Agent Field Supervisor, Surveillance Field Supervisor, and Electronic Gaming Systems Specialist. The Administrative Unit is responsible for executing policy decisions made by the Gaming Commission in an effective and efficient manner, and establishing lower-level policy and standard operating procedures to create uniformity throughout the Commission’s overall regulatory program. Administration coordinates the implementation and completion of other special projects and investigations as directed by the Gaming Commission or the Colville Business Council through its Law and Justice Committee.

Patricia ("Patty") Adolph                        Director                            (509) 422-7729

Patricia ("Patty") Adolph                       
(509) 422-7729

Patty Adolph, Director

The Director is responsible for administering the day-to-day operations of the Gaming Commission under the general policy direction of a five-member board of Commissioners. Provides routine updates to the Gaming Commission and Colville Business Council through its Law and Justice Committee. Ultimately responsible for all regulatory, human resources, and financial elements of the Gaming Commission. 

Sundown Campbell Deputy Director (509) 422-7727

Sundown Campbell
Deputy Director
(509) 422-7727

Sundown Campbell, Deputy Director (effective May 14, 2018

The Deputy Director assists the Gaming Commission Director with the development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, maintenance, and continual improvement of the agency’s overall regulatory program in accordance with applicable tribal, federal, and state laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and practices. The Deputy Director also supervises employees engaged in conducting background investigations and licensing activities, and assumes full responsibility of all Gaming Commission operations and staff in the Director’s absence; in addition to, functions as the overall author and custodian of the Commission’s Tribal Internal Control Standards, assists the Director in the formulation and implementation of other policies and procedures, and serves as a subject matter expert in their interpretation and application.

Dannise Davisson Administrative Services Manager (509) 422-7716

Dannise Davisson
Administrative Services Manager
(509) 422-7716

Dannise Davisson, Administrative Services Manager

The Administrative Services Support Team is comprised of an Administrative Services Manager and one Senior Office Assistant. 

The Administrative Services Manager is responsible for planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and providing follow-up on all administrative support services related to the Gaming Commission.  Support Services typically include, but are not limited to, accounting and financial management, policy and procedural development, internal and external customer service, human resources administration, staff supervision, contracting and procurement, and property and space management.